Universal gear shift and ebrake :)

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Made of waterproof 190g material.

The shape fits most cars (the material comes with a spare) but it does not guarantee that it will fit perfectly :D

Excess material can be cut off after attaching.

We tested our product in:
BMW e30, e34, e36, e46, e38
Mazda Mx-5 
Honda Civic, Accord
Lexus IS200, GS
Nissana 350Z, Micra K11,
Toyota Corolla, Celica
Skoda Fabia
VW Golf
Mini Cooper and many others


The fabric is easy to keep clean and durable. It can be cleaned by hand. Smaller dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth, larger dirt should be soaked using a delicate detergent at a temperature of up to 30°C.

The fabric has a safety certificate for the materials and paints used.

Printed fabric - batches may differ slightly.